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I lol'd

At first I thought it meant a Short Old Lady....


Do people not read the Author Comments or something? I think the words "experimental animation" would sort out any of your flamming...

Anyways~. That was....interesting. I lol'd when the guy is like middle aged and trying to figure out where his foot goes. xD
I'd like to see this as a real animation, though. Other than an experimental one, that is.


That was awesome. Really. I gotta say that this the BEST clock video I've ever seen. I thought he said 'lioness' at first, though xD!
Great job!

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Geez! Level 7 is too much. It took sooo long. Like 10 minutes?
Got level 8 :l
34,115 points...
Near the end of levels, you pretty much have infinite health cuz you can hit the coloured ones fast enough to regain any you lost in the level.

Cool game. Was...interesting xD
Little bug though. In levels 6+(I guess you can do it in earlier ones but I haven't seen it), when moving to pick up pixels, you go through them most of the time. It happens A LOT on level 8.


D : "Crazy pitch black cavern adventure? Best birthday present ever!"

Really unique game. I enjoyed it a lot. Obviously, making it longer would have been a lot better but there are two more parts so that's good. :3

Your plan for Part 2 sounds iffy, though. Kind of a change in genre, it would seem.

Oh Em Ge

This is the best game ever created. No game can surpass this. You sir, are a legend. You win:
10 Stars and a rating of 5.

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I really liked it.


T'was good.

A-New-Decade responds:

Thanks =]



Holy crap. It was only 3 seconds in and I knew this was gunna be awesome. Insta-download!
You are amazing for making this. High fives all around!

Jebbal responds:

Insta-download!??!?!?!!?! Are you wild?

*High five*

Thanks for the review!


It was alright. I think that the "techno" remixes for Zelda games can be over hyped. Might not be on but that's what it sounds like to me... I don't remember the actual song during the battle but this sounds a lot faster than I remember. Maybe slow a down a tone. One more thing, try lowering the volume of some instruments when there are more than one playing at a time. Might help hearing the others. Good work though.

Just so people know..the actual battle with Ganon in Zelda games should be easy. If you notice, they have a harder boss to fight before or after. Puppet Ganon in this one. "Pig" Ganon in OoT. It's so you can have a hard boss but you know you have to fight Ganon so they make it easier on you.

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Isn't Etna like 1500 years old anyways or something? luls anyways.
Nice art, love the Prinnies.

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